bilingual children's music
     - time for loco learning
Ready to learn?
Loco learning happens when we're having fun, enjoying ourselves. We absorb information easily and hang on to it readily because we're relaxed and paying attention naturally. That's la idea básica behind Mister Felipe's music.

To reinforce the learning, try reading along with las letras--click aquí, or one of the enlaces below for coloring pages for some of the songs--more coming pronto!

coloring sheet
Coloring sheets are available for a few songs for starters:
¡Fuera, Perro! - a rascally dog creates mischief all over the house. (2 pages)
Tengo Hambre - A restaurant, a waiter, and a customer who is as picky as he his hungry.
Uno Dos Tres - Counting and stinky socks
From A to Zeta - Say all the letras to get from A to Zeta

What's making that sound?Click aquí to learn about los instrumentos played on the recording.

Why is my booty shaking? Click aquí para aprender about los ritmos of the songs and learn la diferencia between a mambo and a merengue, a ranchera and a reggaetón.