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Who is Mister Felipe?
Yes, it's a real bus.
Mister Felipe is Philip Handmaker, a teacher of español and música in the community of Taos, Nuevo México. Growing up in New Mexico, he heard a lot of Spanish on the playground, and he studied the language in high school (Go Cougars!) and college (Go Banana Slugs!). After getting a master's degree in Applied Linguistics (Go Hoyas!) and teaching bilingually in Arlington, Virginia for several years, he at last moved back to Nuevo México, where he is combining his lifelong passions of music, language, and teaching.

(Yes, he is actually sticking out of a real school bus en la foto, which was taken by Ian Sanderson.)
He lives in the Taos area with his groovy esposa Brooke, who joins him on this record, y con sus dos perras, and spends as much free time as possible outdoors--gardening, hiking, or skiing. He plays music with his wife and friends in the band Zanagroove, and also performs as Mister Felipe.

Future music projects include a record of animal-themed songs written collaboratively with kids he teaches at Anansi Charter School, as well as Science-themed educational hiphop--check out to mention more bilingual fun!