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Who plays with Mister Felipe?
This music was made by a bunch of marvelous personas, starting with los músicos y los cantantes, who contributed their talentos and helped bring the music to life.

Dazzling, ¿que no?
Brooke Ann Zanetell adds her bonita voz a Vamos Afuera y ¿Dónde Está?. She also sings and occasionally plays acordeón with the funk/rock band Zanagroove. She spent mucho tiempo en Venezuela, counting fish and learning to bailar like nobody's business.
David Costanza toca la trompeta y la guitarra with varios grupos del área de Taos, Nuevo México, incluyendo Lion Tribe and Art of Flying.

Ben Wright toca la tuba, el trombón y el contrabajo (acoustic bass) with various groups too, incluyendo Radio Free Bassanda.
This is una foto de los dos hombres, playing in Omar's studio, the Tone Palace.
Ben and David
don Simón
Don Simón Orona toca el acordeón with the choir en la Our Lady of Guadalupe Church en Taos, NM. He also plays solo at the farmer's market during el verano.
John Huxsol has played la batería (drums) since high school, when he was in a surf-rock band in Idaho. Now he plays with the funk/rock band Zanagroove in Taos, and teaches el clarinete too.

These fotos were tomadas en el jardín de Brooke y Felipe.
John Huxsol
the peerless Omar Rane
Omar Rane toca la guitarra eléctrica en From A to Zeta. He was also el ingeniero for most of the recording, and mixed the entire album at his studio the Tone Palace. Omar plays jazz, R&B, and rock all around Taos.
Justin Dean toca el violín en Vamos Afuera y ¡Qué Día! He also plays solo (check out his album aquí) and with amigos.

This picture is the cover of his great solo album. Check out the song Small Japanese Truck, which was played on the "Car Talk" show en la radio.
Justin Dean
She's the one on the right.
Say what? Yes, Mister Felipe and Brooke's dog, SoGood, contributed her unique bark to this record, especially on ¡Fuera, Perro!. You can also hear her bark once in another song--see if you can find which one.

In addition to ladrando, SoGood enjoys exploring wild places, wrestling con su mamá, SoFar, and getting her barriga rubbed.

Of course, muchos niños maravillosos contributed their voices, too: Canyon King, Carolina McGarity y su hermanita Teresa McGarity did las voces de los niños en ¡Fuera, Perro!, ¡Qué Día! y Uno Dos Tres. And the coro (chorus) do niños added great accents on muchas canciones: Canyon King, Robbie Wooldridge, Sierra Wright-Iliohan, and Zach Ginn.

Mister Felipe also got to record guitarra and batería at Dead Horse Studio, ably engineered by John Gold. The record was mastered by Tom Brick at Absolute Audio. Gracias a Meredith for introducing us.