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     - Cruzando el Border
Cruzando el Border
Cruzando el Border
Are you ready for some loco learning? Then cross the border with Mister Felipe!

Kids love the catchy melodies, Latin rhythms, and lyrics that playfully mix Spanish and English, and they end up learning Spanish words easily. It's fun for parents too, featuring a range of Latin styles, creative arrangements, and great musicianship.

One parent says, "Help! Make a second album! [My son] is listening to your CD 10x+/day! We love it too...The coolest thing is that he's beginning to say things like 'Hey, Leche is milk in spanish', so he's really learning some espanol!"

If you know kids who like Latin music, or want to be bilingual, or just like to get loco, they'll have a terrific time listening to Mister Felipe. If they really get into it, the website is full of extra resources like coloring pages, lyrics sheets, photos, videos, and a gallery of fun examples of Spanglish, submitted by people like you!

Mister Felipe is Philip Handmaker, a Spanish and Music teacher with a background in linguistics and a passion for music. Living in Taos, a town in northern New Mexico, he hears lots of delightful Spanglish around and decided to write songs that combine Spanish and English. It was only natural that these songs take on Latin styles ranging from reggaeton to ranchera, mambo to merengue. Felipe had a blast layering the percussion instruments and adding contributions by talented local musicians, including his dog. To get to know Mister Felipe and the other great músicos who made this record, click aquí.

About the songs... ¡Fuera, Perro! tells what happens when a rascally dog gets into the house. The Calendario Mambo takes you through the year. Vamos Afuera features two friends, one who wants to play outside and another who's afraid to get sunburned, or wet, or (gasp!) messed-up hair. ¡Qué Día! moves lyrically through a child's day. De Colores, a traditional song about the colors in nature, features awesome traditional accordion playing. Muévete is a reggaeton song that gets kids dancing as they learn the parts of the body. Me Gustan los Animales romps through the animals on a farm. Tengo Hambre tells a story set in a restaurant, with a hungry customer who's extremely picky and his exasperated waiter. In ¿Dónde Está? one person looks for his missing pencil, while his friend keeps him guessing. Counting gets loco in Uno Dos Tres, thanks to the spirited horn section. And kids rock out with the Spanish alphabet when they sing From A to Zeta. For lyrics, click aquí. For coloring pages y más información, click aquí.

Ready for loco learning? ¡Andale! Cruza el border (or Cross la Frontera if you prefieres) with Mister Felipe!