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Uno Dos Tres / One Two Three
Copyright ©2008 Philip Handmaker (ASCAP)
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If you want to count from uno to diez
Take off your stinky calcetines
Y cuenta los deditos de tus pies
De tus pies

Uno, dos, tres
Cuatro, cinco, seis
Siete, ocho, nueve, diez
That's diez, diez, diez

Some people think that diez is plenty
Otros want to count to twenty
That's veinte, veinte

Once, doce, trece, catorce
Quince, dieciseis
Diecisiete, dieciocho, diecinueve y veinte
That's veinte
That's twenty, that's plenty

If you go loco and lose your head
Cuenta hasta one hundred
That's cien, that's cien

Diez, veinte, treinta, cuarenta
Cincuenta, sesenta
Setenta, ochenta, noventa y cien
That's cien, my friend
The end


calcetines = stocks
y cuenta los deditos de tus pies = and count the toes of your feet

Uno, dos, tres = One, two, three
Cuatro, cinco, seis = Four, five, six
Siete, ocho = Seven, eight
nueve, diez = nine, ten

otros = others

Once, doce, trece, catorce = Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen
Quince, dieciseis = Fifteen, sixteen
Diecisiete = Seventeen
dieciocho = eighteen
diecinueve = nineteen
veinte = twenty
loco = loony
cuenta hasta = count up to

Diez, veinte = Ten, twenty
treinta, cuarenta = thirty, forty
Cincuenta, sesenta = fifty, sixty
Setenta, ochenta = seventy, eighty
noventa = ninety
cien = one hundred

The recording features Ben Wright oom-pa-pahing la tuba y David Costanza blowing la trompeta.
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